Looking for a class that is completely customized just for you? This may be what youre looking for. T-3 offers 3 hour Private Lessons that are tailored to your shooting needs.


If youre interested in learning how to run your gun, sharpen your skills or just want a tune-up and dont have a lot of time, this may be the direction for you. Our Private Lessons are one-on-one with an instructor who will give you 100% of their attention.


It doesnt matter if youve been shooting for thirty years or are a novice, handgun skills are perishable and need practice.


This class has been a favorite for people of all abilities and experience.


Classes are held at Impact Guns range. A short portion of the lesson will be an evaluation of your skills as a starting point, safety and awareness, gun handling and marksmanship. The second portion of the class will be live fire, shooting approximately 100 rounds.


The lesson can be with your pistol, AR type rifle or both.

Topics will include:

  Gun safety

  Basic shooting secrets

  Gun handling and marksmanship

  Clearing Malfunctions

  Speed reloads


Cost: $200.00  (this price is all inclusive; range fees, targets, instructor, gun rental if needed).


For more information or to make an appointment

call:  (208) 284-0281   -or-   email: